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A Blog of writings and explorations of the Egyptian Pantheon, in particular in support of the worship of the Goddess Isis in all of Her manifestations. Learning more about the Kemetic faith...see us at the Blue Lotus Temple on MSN and the Blue Lotus Iseum on Yahoo Groups and on Geocities...links are on the right side of this page. Blue Lotus Iseum just COULD end up being a REAL place! I am envisioning a Healing Center to be built somewhere in West Central Florida.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Why the Blue Lotus Iseum?

This is a BLOG for the Blue Lotus Iseum on Geocities, MSN Groups and Yahoo Groups.
(Links are to the right on this page!)

I am currently trying to build an online community for those Pagans that are following an Egyptian Pantheon.

The catalyst for this was some very painful emotional healing that I was working on. Isis called me and revealed to me her position as Mother in my life. A revelation, as my earthly mother could not be a mother to me.

I have been reading and soaking things in like a sponge. Most of the M. Isadore Forrest, Ellen Cannon Reed and diTraci Regula works. I am working with the Nefertari's Tarot Deck (the expensive one with the gold foil backgrounds) and diTraci's Scarabs for Divination.

I have recently joined a group called Egyptian Coven, an online coven somewhat similar to what I was trying to create. So hoping to learn more about this path from those of like mind on that elist.

More to come...