Blue Lotus Iseum

A Blog of writings and explorations of the Egyptian Pantheon, in particular in support of the worship of the Goddess Isis in all of Her manifestations. Learning more about the Kemetic faith...see us at the Blue Lotus Temple on MSN and the Blue Lotus Iseum on Yahoo Groups and on Geocities...links are on the right side of this page. Blue Lotus Iseum just COULD end up being a REAL place! I am envisioning a Healing Center to be built somewhere in West Central Florida.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Even more pics...

New Pics!

I am now working as an End of Life/Death Doula. This is pretty fitting with my past life recall, definitely Egyptian. Have had that confirmed by several other "seers." I changed the tint of this pic on Corell and working very hard to envision and therefore manifest a real Iseum somewhere when I have a real place of my own. I have been looking at real estate in the local area. My place is here in Florida for now. There is a need for Death Doulas...created a BLOG that I intend to expand at some point. You can see it HERE. I added some cool pics to the YAHOO ELIST. There are some good pics of Isis out there. Going to do some stargazing tonight. Reading up on Sirius/Sopdet/Sothis, the Dog Star, the Star of Isis and the one that preceded the Inundation of the Nile.

Monday, March 27, 2006

This is my Jonathan Earl Bowser

More pictures...

Links are kinda screwed up now for both the MSN group and the site and I am trying to recreate a new group on MSN that is the Blue Lotus Iseum, not Temple. Might take me some time. Want to mirror image the pages on the original group. I loved this pic and had to snag it for this blog...

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Blue Lotus Iseum in REALTIME!

Just a future vision of mine!

I had a vision yesterday. To actually begin with a small room somewhere that would be the actual Blue Lotus Iseum, blue accoutrements, walls, incense bowls, etc. An effigy of the Goddess, incense in the east quarter, fire or flame in the south, water in a silver bowl in the west and the altar and a small herb garden in the north, in honour of Isis of the Green Plants. A ceiling up above with the Goddess Nut, stretched in a woman's body, dark blue background with small twinking stars. A doorway opening to a small outside garden preferably at the north or northeast. A prayer bowl in the middle of the altar where people traveling through could leave their petitions and healing requests. A priestess (women rotating shifts) dressed in blue and always present taking care of anyone who happens to come by and to assure that the flame at the south is always lit and the kyphi is always burning in the east. As yesterday was the first full day of Ostara, I thought it was especially synchronous and fitting. I saw this with my mind's eye and thought this would be a wonderful thing to do as we are close to water here, and I associate that element with the Goddess Isis.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Why the Blue Lotus Iseum?

This is a BLOG for the Blue Lotus Iseum on Geocities, MSN Groups and Yahoo Groups.
(Links are to the right on this page!)

I am currently trying to build an online community for those Pagans that are following an Egyptian Pantheon.

The catalyst for this was some very painful emotional healing that I was working on. Isis called me and revealed to me her position as Mother in my life. A revelation, as my earthly mother could not be a mother to me.

I have been reading and soaking things in like a sponge. Most of the M. Isadore Forrest, Ellen Cannon Reed and diTraci Regula works. I am working with the Nefertari's Tarot Deck (the expensive one with the gold foil backgrounds) and diTraci's Scarabs for Divination.

I have recently joined a group called Egyptian Coven, an online coven somewhat similar to what I was trying to create. So hoping to learn more about this path from those of like mind on that elist.

More to come...